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How do I know the charges of my removal?

There are many factors that can influence this decision. The distance, the size of the vehicle, packing, access for instance! Its always better to go for inspection and then choose

How do I pay for my removal?

The payment can be made through cash, cheque or card. Moreover, the payment can be made after the work is finished. We are very transparent in our moving policies and

How many removal companies should I ask for quote?

Its always better to do your research. A company that you are comfortable with and offers one that offers reliable services is always considered the best. We offer round the

What makes a removal company the best?

The company needs to be insured, must have proper certifications, must have enough experience and expertise, must possess all the latest tools and equipment and must offer all round services.

Is a truck and a man enough for the move to take place if its a short move?

Yes, that’s possible but only when you know the reputation of the company that’s taking care of your belongings. You must check for things such as their experience, expertise and

Is there a checklist that I should follow while moving my house?

Although its not necessary if you are taking professional help as the professionals will take care of everything, you can still follow some if you are planning to move. Check

Do you offer boxes for moving?

Yes, we do ensure that your stuff stays safe without any damage or scratches. We use boxes made with good quality material and are strong enough to carry even the

What is the size of removal boxes?

We use different types of boxes for moving different items. A large box, for instance, that fits all the furniture, a small box for smaller items and so on. We

How long will the whole move take to be completed?

There are several factors at play when it comes to determining the time its going to take for the whole move to be complete. Two main factors are the amount

How many Men will do my removal?

This decision always depends upon the amount of goods to be moved along with the overall schedule. Enough staff is allocated to ensure that the process gets completed within the