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Planning to move into a new house? Well, you might require some tips and tricks that would help you in your move. Moving can be really stressful but with an eminent removalist agency, you would get everything done properly. We at Total Removals offer the most amazing removal services in all parts of Adelaide. Our agency is one of the best removalist agencies in the industry. We have been working in this industry for many years and with all these years of experience, we can provide amazing removal services. 

Total Removals is well known for its reliability and professionalism. Here, we are going to discuss a few things about moving and also provide a few moving hacks that might help you in having a stress-free move. If you are well prepared and organized, moving can be actually stress-less and easy. 


Here are some hacks and tricks of moving that you must remember

Follow these moving hacks and have a better moving experience. We promise that our moving hacks will help you a lot and in a better way.

  • Start early- Start packing your things and preparing for the move a few days before. In this way, you can be more organized and there won’t be a burden of work at the eleventh hour. It would be even better if you make a checklist of your items and go through them. Start by packing all your stuff in suitcases, baskets, plastic containers, and hampers that are available at your home. This will reduce overpacking of your items.
  • Buy supplies- While you are at packing, make sure you buy supplies that are required for the packing process. Go out and buy some duct tapes, box cutters, markers, labels, trash bags, packing tapes, boxes, etc. so that there would not be any trouble while packing.
  • Stop buying groceries- Stop buying groceries two weeks before the moving day. This way you won’t be carrying a lot of your things and creating a burden for yourself while moving. Also, leaving a lot of items at the old house, especially food items can be disgusting. Do the same with other groceries such as toilet paper, soaps, hand towels, napkins, and so on. The basic idea behind this is the less, the better. Get rid of the leftover groceries and food or try to use them all, if not at least most of them.
  • Book with an agency early- Make sure that you book with your agency early. If you book with an agency early, you could avoid the unavailability of the bookings and also ensure that the agency is available for providing the services on the moving day. With this, you can get the end-of-lease services for your house in time and make the move easier.
  • Keep it less- First and foremost thing is to declutter your house and separate the things that are of no use anymore. The fewer belongings to carry, the better it is. Go through one room at a time and sell or donate the things that you do not want. Thus, you can lessen your burden of moving with a heavy load. Also, keep your valuables such as jewelry and important files/documents in a separate bag that you can carry by yourself.
  • Keep an eye on the weight of the boxes- This is the most important hack for a safer and easier move. Make sure that your boxes are not too heavy neither too light. Heavy boxes increase the risk of difficulty in carrying heavy loads and lighter boxes can cause breakage of the fragile items if there are any. One simple solution to this problem is to fill small boxes with heavy items and large boxes with light items.
  • Pack the boxes properly- Make sure that you use your supplies in an effective manner. Improper usage of the packing supplies can cause many problems while carrying the load. Secure the boxes properly with the tape on both sides of the box, this will prevent bursting open of the box during transit. Also, while labeling your boxes write in a big font and assign the labels correctly.
  • Keep small things together- You would not want to forget your small items and leave them behind forever. Secure all the small items such as screws, bolts, drawers, cables, knobs, and all such things together in a separate box. Label them, seal them, and put them in a plastic box or bag so that you will be able to see them and carry them with you.
  • Electronics packing- Electronics packing and unpacking can be a serious headache. Hence, you must make sure that you take a picture of the cables and the chords that are plug into your devices. This way you can easily unpack and set them up after the move. Also, keep the electronics safe by wrapping them with plastic wrap, bubble wrap, or a blanket. This will help avoid any kind of damage to your electronics during the move.
  • Never stack kitchenware- When it comes to kitchenware, pack all the items in different boxes. Also, make sure that you do not stack up the dishes. Dishes must be wrapped individually with bubble wraps or paper wraps and put vertically inside the box making separate sections. All the fragile kitchen items must be covered properly and kept in a box with a lot of padding for extra security.
  • Prepare an overnight bag- This hack is always a win-win. Prepare an overnight bag containing all the essentials that you would need for a day. We all know moving can be exhausting and stressful so you would not want to go unpacking as soon as you reach there. That is why make sure you have a bag full of essentials that you would need to use right away, including clothes, toiletries, sanitary items, and other things.

We hope that these tips and hacks will help you have a stress-less and effective move. Approach the moving day with confidence and determination by following these hacks. 

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