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Moving into a new house? Worried about the packing and moving that you need to do in such a short period of time? No more worries. Total Removals is here to your rescue. We are one of the topmost removalists in Adelaide. With years of experience in removal services, we can help you with all your moving problems. Just sit back and relax as we provide a complete moving checklist that may help you reduce your stress. Moving and relocating can be very stressful, that is why there is a need for a moving checklist. It helps to keep track of your work and helps you relocate within a short span of time. 

Moving Checklist

Here we provide a moving checklist based on different time frames

Plan and organize your relocation with the help of this moving checklist that we provide at different timelines. Generally, it is necessary for you to start preparing for the move two months before the moving day. So, based on that, here we provide the moving checklist for all the days starting from two months till the actual moving day.

Two months before

  1. Sort it out- Roam around your house and notice everything. Look for the things that you need to move and the things that are no longer needed. Make a note of all the things you need to keep and those that you don’t. Notice whether any of the items require special packaging during the move.
  2. Research- Set out looking for top companies that offer removal services. If you are seeking a professional agency, then get an estimate from them. Do not rely on a quote as two months is a long period of time. Look for companies that have many years of experience.
  3. Maintain a diary- Write down all your expenses, estimates, receipts in this diary. Starting from making the checklist for the moving, unpacking, and paying for the services, keep a note of everything in this diary. This will come in handy and you can keep track of every little thing.

During this time, get rid of the items that are no longer in use. You can either sell those items or donate them.

Six weeks before

  1. Buy equipment- This is the time when you must buy all the supply items such as boxes, bubble wraps, markers, ziplock bags, wardrobe boxes, and other things. Look out for other storage things that require special packaging.
  2. Do not keep leftovers- Start using up all the things that you would not take along with you. Make sure that you use up all the frozen food and cleaning supplies starting from this week or else you will end up leaving your house with all those food items still stacked up on the shelves.
  3. Check your new house- Measure your new house and check its dimensions. This should be done to ensure that your furniture fits through all the doors of your new house while carrying. If it does not fit into the doors properly, get rid of them or sell them away.

One month before

  1. Select an agency- By this time, you might have shortlisted a removalist agency that fits all your needs. Call them and get a confirmation of your booking for moving from your current location to the future location. Also, confirm the date of moving, prices, location, other details. 
  2. Start packing- Begin packing your items starting from now. Start by packing the things that you do not use frequently. Make note of the items that may require additional insurance from your moving company. 
  3. Start labelling– Label each and every box clearly with a marker denoting the contents of the box and to which room do they belong. This will help you to keep track of your items and it will also be easy for you to unpack later. Make sure to label a box containing the things that you may need right away as essentials.
  4. Separate valuable items– Separate all your valuable items such as jewellery and important documents from your regular things and keep them safely in a separate box. Remember that this box should not be sent with movers but carried by yourself personally. 
  5. Get your address changed– Get your address changed from a post office or by visiting online government sites. Also, ask your neighbours to look out for your mails in the mailbox for a few days as the change in the address can take quite a lot of time. 
  6. Notify important people- Notify the people that provide you services on a regular basis. These include your bank, hospital, human resource department, newspaper or magazine provider, credit card and insurance service provider, utility companies, and so on.

Two weeks before

  1. Arrange for leave from your office- Start preparing to ask for leave from your office for the moving day. You might require to take a day or two days off to move your items into the new house. Therefore, start preparing for a day off on moving day.
  2. Clear your deposits- If you will be changing your bank with the change in the place, make sure to clear all the deposit that is present in your bank right now. Remove all the contents from your bank’s deposit safe and put them in a safe box that you will carry to your new house on the moving day. 
  3. Contact your agency- Make sure you contact your agency and confirm your booking for the supposed date. Reconfirming the arrangements is a must as there might be a chance that your agency has not considered your booking before.

One week before Moving Checklist

  1. Check the prescriptions- Stock up and keep a record of the prescriptions that you might need in the upcoming weeks. Refill them and keep them in a proper place that you can reach to easily whenever necessary.
  2. Pack your clothes- This is finally the time when you must start packing your clothes into your bags and suitcases. Pack all the stuff and all kinds of clothes for your family, ensure you do not leave any clothing behind apart from the few clothes that you would be wearing until the moving day.

Moving day Moving Checklist

  1. Verify the details- Check whether the truck that has arrived for moving is from the same company that you had booked with. Check if the other details match the estimate that was given to you. Ensure that all your things are packed and ready for the move. Check if something is left behind.
  2. Bills- After moving your belongings, make sure to take a copy of the bill or inventory that is provided by the movers. Sign the bill before the movers leave and ask for a copy of the bill or inventory bill.

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