Total Removals is a well-established company in the field of home removals Adelaide. We have more than 6 years of experience and expertise. We do understand that moving home can be the most stressful tasks ever. For this reason, we offer the best home removal services in town. We have a talented staff comprising of hard-working professionals who are available 24*7 to cater to your home removal needs. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art methods and latest tools and equipment to make your home move as hassle free as we can.

Take the stress out of moving with Home Removals Adelaide. We promise to deliver you a high-quality service for a competitive price. Our Removal network is spread throughout the country to ensure our quick availability in your area, meaning we can get you moving as quickly as you want. Our team comprises of experienced removals industry specialists, and can guarantee a seamless move for your household whether the relocation concerns. Our team of professional packers and movers takes care of your delicate items and tackles difficult items requiring special treatment, as we know exactly what to do.

House Removals Adelaide
House Removals Adelaide

Service specialization of Total Removals

Operating a flexible schedule, we have an excellent range of Home removal options allowing you to choose whatever suits you the best. Irrespective of your location or without any area restriction, we can provide you with a Smart Home removal service that caters for your specific requirements. We are the most reliable home removalist in Adelaide. The specifications and specializations of our home moving services are as follows:

Packaging Services of Total Removals :

Packing to move house can be one of the most tedious, stressful and endless aspects of your relocation. Home Removal Adelaide offers a selection of packing to move house services so you can select the most suitable option for your needs. Our trained and skilled team takes care of your furniture, upholstery, electronics and valuables with care and safety. Our packers understand that they are dealing with your most valued possessions.

 We use specially designed materials for packaging of your belongings safely. Our team comprises of carpenters and technicians who can easily dismantle and reassemble you furniture, electrical and electronics items from your old to new location. This saves your expense indulged in hiring of carpenter or electrician.

As our team carefully handles the packing task of your belongings, we take equal care in unpacking them. Whether you need a surface unpacking or unpack and put-away service, we are always ready in provide you the best quality service. Our fragile unpacking service unpacks fragile goods onto surfaces to prevent any damage or loss due to slippage or droppings.

Our specialized team with upgraded machinery and updated techniques supports you relocation and home removal process that makes us one the most reliable packers and movers in Adelaide.

House Removalist
House Removalist

Moving out cleaning services of Total Removals

Nothing can be more pleasing than gifting your family and friends with a sparkling and freshly cleaned new house. Hence, we are one of the few Adelaide Packers and Movers that offers moving out cleaning service. We offer quality removals and offer reliable and efficient professional domestic cleaning solutions.

We have added the following features in our extensive array of services, which are as follows:

Moving Out/In Cleaning:  This service feature is specially designed to meet your cleaning needs both at the time of your moving in or moving out of your property. It matches your cleaning requirements and facilitates smooth transition between homes.

 End of Tenancy Cleaning:  Ensuring a clean and nice space at the end of tenancy period is extremely important. We hence offer outstanding end-of-tenancy cleaning services meant to save your money and time.

Handyman Services of Home Removal Adelaide

Shifting of your goods and valuable belongings at the time of removal and relocation is obviously a hectic task, but, rearrangement and giving final touches at our new home is also very necessary. Our team having specialists of various fields can take your burden of doing the handyman job to give the final touches to your new home decoration with great precision. The features of this service which makes us the top home removalists of Adelaide are as follows:

  • Hanging Plasma TVs or Removal of TVs off Brackets
  • Changing Lights or Flower Holders or Dimmer Switches
  • Washing Machine Plumbing & Disconnection
  • Sash Window Removal & Replacement
  • Hanging Shelves or Wall Art or Pictures
  • Dismantling & Reassembling Furniture
  • Putting Up Rails, Curtains & Chandeliers

Organized around you, this service aims to ensure your home looks & runs as it should. The combination of all these services gives us the repute of best home movers Adelaide.

Best Home Movers Adelaide
Best Home Movers Adelaide

Storage services of Home Removal Adelaide

Being the most trusted home removal company in Adelaide, we always strive to give you quality and affordable home removal services. For this reason, we have a wide range of services. In this quest to ensure that your home removal is perfect, we understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your and our control make it impossible to move your belongings straight into your new home. In such cases, we can offer the option to place your belongings into our own secure storage facilities.

Gap between selling and purchasing homes or due to your travel to abroad raises the requirement of storage service and facilities. Whatever the reason for your need, we can cater for all your requirements. Our storage services have the following features:

  • We have our own secure storage facilities complete with security gates, CCTV and alarm.
  • All units are fully isolated & security sealed.
  • Our Insurance provides full coverage against damage or loss both at our warehouse and during transit.
  • Clients have copies of inventory list of all their belongings.
  • We also provide document or archiving storage for the safety of your official or personal documents.

Guarantee and Insurance of Home Movers Adelaide

Being one of the most reputative home movers of Adelaide, we understand that your home contents are amongst your most valuable and worthy possessions. Although we take all precautionary measures and care for the safeguard of your household articles and belongings during relocation and transit, yet, our experience claims that accidents may occur. For this reason, the most trusted home movers Adelaide offers its customers the option of choosing our fully comprehensive removals insurance cover. This helps you to have peace of mind regarding the safety and protection of your possessions. Being the most affordable home movers in Adelaide, we offer our insurance services at a very competitive rate based on your requirements.

Features of our Insurance Policy are as follows:

  • Our insurance cover is throughout Adelaide.
  • Our insurance covers archive storage and you can claim reconstitution expenses in case of damage of your documents.
  • The extensions of errors and omissions are at par with the standard protocols of the country.
  • We may or may not include insurance cover for worldwide liabilities as shipper and packer.
Safe Transportation Services Adelaide
Safe Transportation Services Adelaide

Why hire Home Movers Adelaide?

Years of our dedication and strive in providing our customers with quality and genuine services can be the major reason to hire Home Movers Adelaide. The positive indices of our services are –

  • Trained, skilled, experienced and honest home movers team.
  • A guarantee of appropriate service for the price you pay.
  • Our services can be customized depending upon your needs.
  • There is no hidden fee for transportation or your transit to your new place.
  • We are active 24/7 and our team always stays focused to provide you prompt service.

To avail best services at a very affordable price from the Budget Home Movers of Adelaide, feel free to contact us at 1800 215 227 and our team will reach your place to assist your relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions on House Removals Adelaide:

What areas do you service?

Our services are available in all the suburbs of Adelaide. We have localised our services so that you can be helped by us whenever you need. We have the best team for the service in all areas. Our team can reach your place within an hours of booking in any corner of Adelaide.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Send a request for the cancellation, we will process it for you. Be clear before booking for the service whether you want it or not. There may be a situation for the cancellation of the service and we can understand it. We consider your situation.